Ada State unveils fund for community development

The Ada Asafotufiami Festival’s Organizing Committee, as part of the launch of this year’s festival, has unveiled a fund to help enhance the development of the area with a seed money of GHs200,000.

The fund is aimed at supporting various projects throughout Ada State, marking a significant move towards addressing the area’s developmental needs.

Nene Agudey Obichere III, the Manklalo of the Ada State, announcing the creation of the development fund, explained that the initiative was a joint effort between the festival’s planning committee and the Ada Traditional Council, adding that it would be supported with contributions from festival sponsors and partners.

He stressed the importance of community input in deciding how the funds would be used, noting that ‘the Traditional Council will gather feedback from the community to ensure that the chosen project aligns with the people’s needs and aspirations.

He said the introduction of the Development Fund responded to long-standing demands from the Ada commun
ity, which had sought tangible benefits from the annual festival, indicating that it was aimed at turning the festival’s cultural and social significance into practical development progress.

This new initiative, he added, represented a significant shift in the approach to the Asafotufiami festival, aiming to provide lasting benefits to the Ada State while the community looked forward to a future where the wisdom of their forebears not only preserved their heritage but also fostered sustainable growth and unity.

The 2024 Asafotufiami festival is on the theme ‘Upholding the Discipline of Our Forebears as a Tool for the Sustainable Development and Unity of Ada.’

Source: Ghana News Agency