‘Anlo Dukor’ proposes the creation of new Traditional Councils within Anlo

Togbi Sri III, the Awoamefia of the Anlo State, has intended to create some new Traditional Councils and elevate their respective Divisional chiefs to Paramount status.

The proposal aimed at fostering equity and unity, which was officially announced at the Congress of Anlo Chiefs over the weekend, had also been tabled before the Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, the Attorney General, and the National and Regional House of Chiefs for perusal.

Togbi Sri, who made the disclosure, indicated that the decision was arrived at after careful consideration and consultation with his Council members and Senior Chiefs after a thorough review of petitions, representations, and agitations in affected Traditional Areas.

He said it would promote administrative convenience and ensure equity, justice, and a balanced manner in Anlo’s chieftaincy system.

The proposed 17 Councils include Anloga Traditional Council, Dzita-Anyanui Traditional Council, Shime-Kome Traditional Council, Srogboe-Atorkor Traditional Counc
il, Whuti Traditional Council, Keta Traditional Council, Dzelukofe Traditional Council, Kedzi-Havedzi Traditional Council, and Abolove-Nolopi Traditional Council.

The rest are Abor-Weme Traditional Council, Tsiame-Dorveme-Asadame, Atiavi-Glome-Hatorgodo, Denu-Xedzranawo-Adafienu (Somey Fugo), Sasieme Traditional Council, and Vodza Traditional Council.

However, all the Traditional Councils, both old and new shall remain automatic members of the Anlo Dukor (State) Council, owing allegiance to the Awoamefia as their Overlord.

Meanwhile, all Councils along the littoral (Kukuakame) would have one ‘Anlo Metropolitan Traditional Council’ with its headquarters at Anloga.

Togbi Nyahoe Tamakloe VI, the ‘Dufia’ of Whuti and Miafiaga of Anlo advised his colleague chiefs to patiently wait for the approval of the Awoamefia’s proposal.

‘Awoamefia’s decisions are only a proposal which is subject to several reviews by the Council.’

‘Per the new Chieftaincy Act, until Parliament passes a Legislative Instrument to recogni
se this new system, we cannot hold ourselves as new paramount chiefs,’ he said.

Togbi Agbesi Awusu II, the Awadada of Anlo, who also confirmed the Awoamefia’s decision to the GNA, added that the move would be in the best interest of the people of Anlo Dukor.

‘Being elevated to a Council status does not mean you are independent as others perceive it. We still owe our allegiance to the Anlo Dukor Council.’

Source: Ghana News Agency