Auctioneer calls for peaceful elections

Mr. Samson Adjei Adjetey, an auctioneer, has called on Ghanaians to vote for candidates capable of ensuring peaceful elections for national development.

He said the social partners played a crucial role in defending and upholding the constitution’s ideals, adding that, ‘we are therefore to maintain the integrity, professionalism and discipline in the lead-up to the December polls.’

Mr. Adjetey made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Friday.

He said politics should not unduly polarize us, adding that elections are about making choices from available personalities and policies, the fact that we have different preferences should not make us enemies.

‘We are brothers and sisters who would continue living together in the only country that we have after the elections,’ Mr. Adjetey said.

The licensed auctioneer appealed to politicians to be mindful of their speech during political campaigns to ensure that they did not create confusion in the country.

Recognizing the potential tensi
ons that could arise before, during and after such a critical time, Mr. Adjetey emphasised the importance of unity and respect in the run-up to the elections.

‘With this call for harmony, Ghanaians are encouraged to engage in peaceful dialogue and ensure a democratic process that strengthens the nation’s future,’ he said.

Mr. Adjetey called on traditional rulers to use their positions to promote peace before, during and after the elections, saying that, ‘a country without peace faces developmental challenges. ‘

Source: Ghana News Agency