Audience granted to a group of sustainable healthcare architecture PAN SANTÉ

This Monday 12/13/2021, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation Mr. Ferdinand BASHIKAKO received in audience a group of sustainable health care architecture PAN SANTÉ, from Germany who wish to invest in the public health sector in Burundi.

Indeed, this group indicated that it has a project to build hospitals in Burundi and to make available the electricity necessary for these hospitals in order to promote public health in Burundi.

 The Permanent Secretary welcomed their wish because the public health sector is among the priorities of the Government of Burundi.

Mr. Ferdinand BASHIKAKO wanted to know how they will be reimbursed for the means that would be used during this work. He also wanted to know if there would be other African countries where they have already set up this project.

 Responding to the questions asked, the members of this group let it be known that for the way of reimbursement, it will be carried out gradually by these hospitals on the basis of their income. For the question of implantation of this project in Africa, they answered that it is already present in Tanzania, and in South Africa.

The Permanent Secretary then asked them to contact the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS in Burundi to present this project.

Source: Ministry of foreign Affairs and Development copperation

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