Cameroon’s National Order of Physicians outlines new prescription guidelines

By Charity Nginyu

The President of the Council of the National Order of Physicians of Cameroon has issued a directive aimed at enhancing prescription practices within the medical community.

Effective July 1, 2024, pharmacies will only dispense prescriptions that meet specific criteria outlined by the Order.

According to the directive, prescriptions must be issued on letterhead bearing the prescribing doctor’s full name, specialty, and complete address, along with the name of the health facility.

Furthermore, doctors are required to affix a name stamp accompanied by their registration number with the Order.

In light of these requirements, the President of the Council has urged all doctors registered with the Order to ensure that their prescriptions adhere to these guidelines.

Doctors are encouraged to obtain schedulers that conform to the universally recognized standards of the profession.

The measure is said to help in combating the illegal practice of medicine and elevating the standards of the medica
l profession.

Source: Cameroon News Agency