Center Region: Hyena chops off toddler’s hand in zoo

By Charity Nginyu

At the Mvog-Betsi Botanical Zoo Garden in the Center Region, a 6-year-old child had a terrifying encounter with a spotted hyena, resulting in the partial amputation of his forearm.

The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife on Friday issued a statement addressing the alarming incident, emphasizing the need for increased vigilance and safety measures within the zoo.

According to the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, the child was recklessly disregarding safety precautions by crossing the designated barrier and attempting to touch the hyena.

Despite the enclosure’s double mesh of grids, the child managed to insert his arm, leading to the unfortunate encounter.

Immediately following the incident, the child was transported to the Yaoundé Emergency Center (CURY), where he underwent surgery. According to the Ministry, he currently remains under observation at the center as medical professionals monitor his recovery.

Despite the alarming nature of the incident, the Minister of Forestry and Wildli
fe assured the public that the Mvog-Betsi Botanical Zoo Garden remains a secure environment for recreation.

However, they stressed the importance of heightened vigilance among zoo personnel to prevent any potential safety breaches.

In light of this unfortunate event, visitors are urged to adhere to all safety guidelines and barriers established within the zoo premises.

Source: Cameroon News Agency