CES 2022: Coway Brings More Smart Home Products to the Middle East

Following a successful showcase at CES 2022, Coway now aims to introduce the Middle East to smart home products for healthier living

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Coway Co., Ltd., “The Best Life Solution Company,” has been showcasing its latest home health appliance innovations, driven by years of proprietary R&D, at CES 2022 this week. The company’s mattresses, water purifiers, air purifiers, and bidets were considered some of the event’s must-see innovations.

“Our mission has always been to make people’s lives better and healthier, and we’re excited to showcase our latest innovations and designs at CES 2022 and online,” said Conall Lee, VP and Head of Global Business at Coway. “Creating healthy home environments is now more vital than ever before, and better air, water, and sleep can be transformative. We hope our smart home products empower users to live healthier.”

Coway expanded to Middle East Asia over a decade ago and has worked with trusted partners in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, and Turkey to provide high-end air purifiers, water purifiers, and bidets.

Trusted partners like Samnan provide Sales & After-Sales Support to Saudi Arabian customers. Samnan has been considered one of Saudi Arabia’s best partners for premium Home & Kitchen Appliances. Samnan, a leader in the Water Treatment industry, knows the importance of water purification technology and its benefits. This mutual understanding and shared vision have been the foundation of a successful long-term relationship with Coway.

Coway provides top-notch water purifiers like the counter-top type CHP-250R, CHP-08AR, and standing type CP-08DR and CHP-671R. All models have Coway’s industry-leading  Reverse Osmosis water filtration. This technology was developed by the Coway R&D Center in Seoul, the largest of its type in Asia. Coway’s Reverse Osmosis system filters substances as small as 0.4 nanometers to filter out unnecessary components and transform water into its purest form yet rich in taste.

The benefit of using a water purifier does not stop with hygiene and also commits to the global initiative of reducing carbon emission by using less plastic. Coway cares a lot about the planet and aims to reach Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050.

In Turkey, Coway launched on Amazon in 2021, giving consumers the convenience to purchase online. Online channels will further be developed to cover more regions.

Today, when air pollution and viruses are a common cause of concern across the country, Coway gives your family a safer living environment.

What makes Coway air purifiers stand out is the latest HyperCaptiveTM air filtration system. All Coway Airmega air purifiers are powered by this technology, which features a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a Green HEPA™ filter. The HyperCaptive™ Air Filtration system removes particles of nano-particles down to 0.01 micrometer, including allergen, bacteria, dander, dust, gas, mold, and viruses, in the air to banish indoor air pollution. The system has proven effective by independent research laboratories in Korea, Japan, and the USA.

“During CES 2022, we had the honor to showcase Coway’s next-level innovations. And now, we’re thrilled to expand our product lineup to the Middle East,” said Conall Lee, the Head of Global Business at Coway. “Our objective is to revolutionize every category we are present in. Advanced Technology & Consumer Comfort is at the heart of everything we do at Coway.”

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About Coway Co., Ltd.

Established in Korea in 1989, Coway, “The Best Life Solution Company,” is a leading environmental home appliances company making people’s lives healthy and comfortable with innovative home appliances such as water purifiers, air purifiers, bidets, and mattresses. Since being founded, Coway has become a leader in the environmental home appliances industry, with intensive research, engineering, development, and customer service. The company has proven dedication to innovation with award-winning products, home health expertise, unrivaled market share, customer satisfaction, and brand recognition. Coway continues to innovate by diversifying product lines and accelerating overseas business in Malaysia, the USA, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, and Europe, based on the business success in Korea.

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