Christian Council urges the youth to embrace peace

The Reverend Seth Mawutor, Volta Regional Chairman of the Christian Council, has called on the youth of the country to always embrace peace.

He charged the youth not to allow themselves to be manipulated by politicians to create mayhem or engage in acts that threatened the prevailing peace of the country before, during and after the December 7 elections.

Rev. Mawutor said this during an exhibition programme organised by the Southern Programme Impact and Influencing Area (SPIIA) of Plan International Ghana for 32 youth-led organisations from the Volta and Oti regions.

The programme was on the theme: ‘Youth Empowerment, A Necessary Tool for Development,’ and was aimed to provide a platform for the youth groups to share knowledge and enhance the impact of their interventions.

Rev. Mawutor asked the youth to participate in the electoral process with integrity and respect and used their voices to advocate for peaceful engagement and denounce any form of violence or intimidation.

He said the eyes of the w
orld would be upon the country as it approached the December general elections, and it was imperative that the youth, who were often used as perpetrators of violence, rise as champions of peace.

The Rev. Minister stated that peace was not merely the absence of conflict, but the presence of justice, equality, and respect for all and a continuous effort that required the commitment of all and sundry.

He said true strength lies not in violence, but in unity and resilience and in the ability to listen to one another, engage in constructive dialogue, and respect differing opinions.

The Chairman said the nation’s diversity was its strength, and it was through peaceful coexistence that citizens could harness this strength for the greater good.

He emphasised that violence and conflict undermined the democratic process and eroded the foundations of society as they created divisions that were difficult to mend and caused harm that took generations to heal.

Rev Mawutor said peace fosters an environment where i
deas could flourish, communities could thrive, and every individual had the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Mr Yao Semorde, Volta Regional Director of the National Youth Authority, praised Plan International Ghana for the initiative and stated that the Authority was willing to work with any group to further development in the area.

He said the Authority was making every effort to establish an environment that would allow youth to reach their full potential and have a positive impact on the nation’s growth.

Mr Sulemana Gbana, Manager of Plan’s SPIIA, said the organisation was committed to building a just world where every child had the chance to realise their potential and there was equality for all.

A few exhibitors who spoke with the Ghana News Agency conveyed their delight at being a part of the occasion and thanked Plan International Ghana for the initiative to enhance their businesses.

Source: Ghana News Agency