Church leaders urged to organize bible lessons frequently

Apostle Dr. Kadmiel E. H. Agbelanyo, Founder and Leader of Seventh Day World Theocracy Congregation has called on church leaders to organize bible lessons on frequent basis for their congregations to enable them to learn to be truthful.

Apostle Agbelanyo made the call during a one-day sabbath bible lesson organised for his congregation on the theme ‘Behaviour before’ at Shallom-Otiakrom near Aburi in the Eastern Region.

In his sermon, he noted that because of sins and lies about 14,700 people died by earthquake when Moses was sending the Israelis from Egypt to Canan.

He also stated that Ananias and his wife Safaria also died by the Holy Ghost because of not saying the truth after the sale of a land for the construction of a church building. (Acts 5: -1-11).

He said all churches belonging to God the Holy Spirit only needed truthful persons to worship in them and not those who tell lies, saying Numbers 26:10 stated that over 250 persons died by fire when challenging the Holy Spirit.

Apostle Agbelanyo calle
d on the youth of the church to take the lessons seriously, to grow to become good future leaders who would speak the truth and not lies, because lies were against the Holy Ghost.

Source: Ghana News Agency