Election 2024: Let’s go beyond ‘It is possible’ rhetoric – Dr Agumenu urges Ghanaians

Dr Donald Agumenu, Director of Special Duties for the National Democratic Congress (NDC)Volta Regional Secretariat, has asked Ghanaians to move beyond ‘It is possible’ rhetoric and embrace a new era of leadership that delivers real, sustainable change and fosters hope and opportunity for all.

‘The new mantra – ‘It is possible’ brings nothing new to the table – just mere words, illusions and more hardship,’ Dr Agumenu said, stressing that, ‘The rhetoric of ‘possibilities’ must be backed by concrete actions and results to ensure a brighter future for Ghana and the continent as a whole.’

In a news brief, he said after decades of independence, despite critical efforts to eradicate corruption and improve the lives of citizens, the country still faced multilevel corruption that had brought increased hardships on the people.

He noted that, as the world moved towards strategic alliances and technological advancements, Ghana rather grappled with ‘developmental stagnation and heavy reliance on borrowing, leadin
g to widespread poverty and despair among its people’.

Dr Agumenu cautioned that by remaining in a state of continued rhetoric and economic mismanagement, the nation would face worsening plights, including deteriorating living conditions, economic stagnation, widening disparity between rich and poor, closure of businesses and job losses, inability to meet basic needs, and threat to democratic principles.

The depletion of foreign reserves, brain drain, erosion of international goodwill, risk of being ranked among world’s poorest nations, and risk of national instability were other woes, he said.

Those challenges, he said, underscored the urgent need for transformational leadership and decisive action to address them.

Dr Agumenu said the country and its leadership must work towards tangible solutions that prioritised the well-being and prosperity of all citizens.

‘The time for action is now, and the collective efforts of the nation are crucial in shaping a more prosperous and inclusive future,’ he

Source: Ghana News Agency