Government urged to act swiftly in supporting flood victims in Tongu areas

Mr Guggisberg Fiagbenu, the Assembly Member of Adidome Electoral Area, has appealed to the government to expedite compensation for residents affected by the Akosombo Dam spillage.

Mr Fiagbenu’s appeal comes as a reminder of the urgent need for government intervention in Tongu to restore the affected communities.

The flood, which occurred several months ago, left numerous homes, businesses, and farms destroyed, leaving many residents in debt and without necessities like food, shelter, and capital to rerun their collapsed businesses.

Mr Fiagbenu lamented the government’s slow response in supporting the flood victims, emphasizing the need for a swift establishment of a compensation fund.

He also urged the government to also extend support to indirectly affected residents and recognize the efforts of benevolent individuals, who helped during the crisis.

The Assembly Member highlighted the ongoing socio-economic challenges in Siame-Kome, one of the affected communities in the Central Tongu District and stres
sed the need for psychosocial support and expedited resettlement for the victims.

He also called for subsidized utility tariffs to alleviate the burden on the affected residents.

Source: Ghana News Agency