GWM POER Gains Global Recognition for Its Outstanding Performance

BAODING, China, Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, GWM has released the PICKUP sales which exceeded 233,000 vehicles, up 3.6% year on year. With the sales reached 127,940 units, POER has beome the most popular model of GWM PICKUP series.

Highlights of GWM POER

Highlights of GWM POER

GWM POER is a high-end intelligent model of GWM PICKUP. It can better meet users’ needs under different scenarios by perfectly integrating off-road performance, loading capacity and intelligence.

In terms of power, GWM POER carries a 2.0T high power engine and a ZF 8AT power assembly, providing an intelligent four-wheel-drive system and rear axle transverse differential lock. There are four driving models, including standard, economic, sports and 4L, which enable users to choose the different driving modes in daily life. Strong performance endows this vehicle with an excellent off-road performance, which can provide drivers with stronger and more reliable power to tackle complex driving environments. When users drive on an uneven road or the vehicle get stuck in mud, drivers can easily switch to 4L mode to activate the low-speed torque amplification function to ensure the vehicle’s stable movement.

This model is also possessed of many highlights in terms of intelligence. Particularly,in the Australian market, various intelligent driver assistance features can cater to user’s various needs, such as Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), and Lane-keeping Assistance (LKA) and etc. Especially, the AEB function can automatically control the vehicle braking, in case of emergencies or in an unsafe distance, to help the user avoid or reduce collision accidents.

Since 2021, GWM POER has been launched in more than 50 countries and regions, including Australia, Chile, Russia, South Africa, Egypt, the Middle East and Laos. It has gained massive attention and recognitions from media and users alike for the excellent performance and intelligent safety performance.

“GWM POER will change the landscape of the Australian pickup market,” said Carsales, an authoritative Australian automotive media, after testing the vehicle. In the Australian A-NCAP test, GWM POER was among the five-star grade safety standard, achieving full points in side impact and far-side impact tests (for both adult and child occupants), as well as in the functional test of active lane support system. Popular Russia blogger ECHO MOSKVY expressed his recognition on GWM POER after the test drive, commenting that GWM POER is suitable for driving in various road conditions with its strong power performance.

Currently, GWM released Jingang(King Kong) POER and several special models, such as Huo(means hot or fire), Heidan(Black bullet), Lvzhuang(Travel Edition), Jiche(Motorcyclist edition) to continuously enrich its categories in the global market in order to bring users more diversified experience.

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