Hikvision becomes the Official Sponsor of the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games

HANGZHOU, China, Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At a signing ceremony held on January 18 in Hangzhou, Hikvision announced that it becomes the Official Intelligent IoT & Big Data Sponsor of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 and the 4th Asian Paralympic Games. As a sponsor, Hikvision will provide the two events with its various intelligent services to support the intelligent command, intelligent security and security check, and intelligent traffic management, etc. These offerings will truly contribute to the “Smart Asian Games”.

Over the past 20 years, Hikvision’s products and solutions have served over 155 countries and regions, and played a significant role in many notable international sports events and global occasions, such as the G20 Hangzhou Summit, the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai World Expo.

“As a global technology company founded in Hangzhou, Hikvision will bring into full play the experience and advantages that we’ve gained over the years, and apply core technologies like intelligent IoT and big data, so as to inject more technological momentum into the Hangzhou Asian Games.” Hu Yangzhong, President& CEO of Hikvision said in his speech that the company will dedicate to serving athletes, spectators, volunteers and organizers from all over the world through its intelligent services.

At the signing ceremony, Hikvision officially joined the charitable project “Asian Games Football Dream” as well to help fuel children’s football dreams and promote the development of youth football in Asia. Throughout this partnership, Hikvision will also actively participate in the big charity campaign “2022 Asian Games Aspirations”, and jointly promote sports charity with the Organizing Committee of Hangzhou Asian Games.

About Hikvision

Hikvision is an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency. Featuring an extensive and highly skilled R&D workforce, Hikvision manufactures a full suite of comprehensive products and solutions for a broad range of vertical markets. In addition to the security industry, Hikvision extends its reach to smart home tech, industrial automation, and automotive electronics industries to achieve its long-term vision. Hikvision products also provide powerful business intelligence for end users, which can enable more efficient operations and greater commercial success. Committed to the utmost quality and safety of its products, Hikvision encourages partners to take advantage of the many cybersecurity resources Hikvision offers, including the Hikvision Cybersecurity Centre. For more information, please visit us at www.hikvision.com.