Innovation in Natural, Clean Ingredients Ushers in Sensegen

Beautiful biotechnology meets the science of good sense

Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., Feb. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sensegen,  southern California’s new taste, smell, and beauty business, enters the ingredient market as the first 100% biotechnology-based solution provider serving these markets. Emerging as The Science of Good Sense™, Sensegen’s brand launch marks an 18-month incubation previously under the name Blue California Flavors and Fragrances.

“We’re charting our course in clean and sustainable taste, smell, and beauty in a new and exciting way,” said Kathy Oglesby, chief value creation officer. “Under one roof, perfumers, flavorists, biologists, and chemists are working together, inspired by nature, and disciplined by science.”

Collaborating in their modern and well-equipped Creative Center, the designers are market-focused on biotechnology-based ingredient solutions to design and customize clean-label collections. The Creative Center is full service and state-of-the-art in capability, housing flavor, fragrance, cosmetic, and personal care creation teams supported by analytical chemistry, applications development, and sensory science teams.

Taste, smell, and beauty brands are encouraged to peruse Sensegen’s new website to gain insight into Sensegen’s collections, provenance, philosophy, biobased technology, sensible ingredient innovation process, transparent business practices, and sustainability position.

“Sensegen is committed to supporting brands to meet consumers’ expectations of reducing the environmental footprint of their products and inspiring repeat purchases,” said Oglesby. “We are 100% focused on true-to-nature, sustainable, and clean ingredients made possible by biotechnology.”

Oglesby further states, “The beauty of biotech in ingredient creation is monumental. It is significantly more sustainable than agriculturally derived and petroleum-based ingredients.”

Consumers are seeking to buy clean and sustainable products, and they are expecting companies to change from synthetic to natural. In an Edelman Trust survey, consumers confirmed that they expect companies and business leaders to address and solve macro socio-environmental challenges. And in a 2020 World Economic Forum survey, it appears evident that many are willing to participate actively in building back a better world alongside the brands they choose. In responses from 21,000 people and 28 countries, the survey reported that 86% want to see more sustainable and equitable products in the post-pandemic market.

“Sensegen’s launch marks our commitment to The Way Forward™ – an evolving journey to reinvent natural taste, smell, and beauty solutions,” said Oglesby. “Always customer-focused, our disruptive and provocative business model is based on co-creation, transparency, and partnering to produce clean-label solutions that are easy on the planet.”

Disruptive innovations to date include plant-based musk – one of the fragrance industry’s favorite types of materials. Plantarome™ M  is the first biotech source of musk, a highly strategic option for the market with natural animal sources unethical to harvest and, plant sources too costly for mainstream use. Other musk offerings are synthetic, many of which have already been banned in major markets or are limited in concentration due to safety concerns.

The fermentation and bioconversion processes of innovation partner, Conagen, produce optically active molecules that are precisely what nature makes. “Our innovation partnership with Conagen, where there is a natural flow of creativity and intelligence between market and science, creates great value for us and for our customers,” said Oglesby. “And our market success and expansion into beauty demonstrates it.”

Another advantage of biotechnology-based ingredients is that they can sidestep wobbles in supply chains caused by poor weather, seasonality, and inconsistent plant harvest quality without resorting to synthetic substitutes.

Oglesby foresees, “What we created in 2021 with Conagen is a prelude to the great achievements that will be revealed in 2022.”

Sensegen’s new market focus is evolving into three pillars:

The extensive portfolio of true-to-nature liquid flavors will be expanded in 2022 to include powders and new delivery as the tonality excellence will be applied to other sweet flavors and plant-based offerings.

  • Smell (Air Care, Home Care, Fabric Care, Personal Care, and Fine Fragrance)

New captives form the basis for the growing collection of “the new naturals” for fragranced consumer products. Sensegen’s fragrances fill a white space for naturals in the fragrance market moving toward today’s synthetics in both variety and technical performance.

  • Beauty (Personal Care, Hair and Skin Care, and Cosmetics)

Coming soon is a line of clean, novel, proprietary offerings as well as natural and sustainable qualities of market favorites.

“We’re driving the pipeline of taste, smell, and beauty into the 21st century with the guidance of nature and science, driven by the ‘savoir faire’ of the fragrance, flavor, and cosmetic industries,” concluded Oglesby.

About Sensegen

Sensegen™, is the science of good sense. We’ve got nature down to a science.

As a division of Blue California Ingredients, our innovative taste, smell, and beauty creative center is dedicated solely to delivering plant-based, natural, and sustainable solutions. Our diverse team of experts collaborate with advanced bio-techniques and collaborate as a team to provide unique consumer-validated ingredients.

At Sensegen™, we’ve pioneered a way of formulating nature without compromise or harm; providing one-of-a-kind solutions for Taste, Smell, and Beauty.


Ana Arakelian, Head of Public Relations and Communications