Journalists From 55 African Countries Join Press Conference Hosted By Shincheonji Church

NEW YORK, Jan. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Media outlets from 55 African countries joined a press conference hosted by Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, on January 28th. The event included remarks from Shincheonji Church Chairman Man Hee Lee and highlights regarding the church’s latest series, titled, “Testimony on the Parables of the Secrets of Heaven and Their True Meanings.” The press conference was planned at the request of African reporters and pastors throughout the continent.

Africa Press Conference of Shincheonji Church

Shincheonji Church’s newest online seminar on the parables of Jesus began January 3rd and continues through March 28th. It follows the successful completion of the church’s previous series, which testified the prophecies and fulfillment recorded in the Book of Revelation for 10 weeks in 2021 from October 18th through December 27th. Cumulative views on YouTube so far have reached 8 million. As a result of this Revelation seminar, Shincheonji Church has signed MOUs with more than 1,200 pastors and seminaries in 57 countries. Of that total, 235 MOUs were signed in 16 countries in Africa.

“I wish everyone across the world will come and study the word from Shincheonji seminar to change people’s lives,” said Stephen Ogwang, secretary general of Born Again Churches in Uganda.

About 300 journalists participated in the January 28th press conference. Chairman Lee, who answered questions about the seminars and MOUs, asked all press associates to promote that there is a testimony on the prophecy and fulfillment of Revelation and that the secrets of the kingdom of heaven are available to everyone.

“Testimony on the Parables of the Secrets of Heaven and Their True Meanings” is broadcast twice a week through the Shincheonji Church YouTube Channel in 24 different languages.

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