Kportitsekorpe flooded as tidal waves hit the coasts of Ada West

Residents of Kportitsekorpe, a community in the Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, have been hit by tidal waves, flooding their homes.

The tidal waves, according to the residents, were the result of an overflowing stream along the southern part of the community.

The residents told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the flooding started about three days ago but has worsened as of Wednesday, May 29, 2024.

‘We woke up today to see our compounds flooded; it is very serious and demands urgent attention. If not, our buildings will start to collapse; it is very scary, and our lives are at stake.’

Nene Tetteh Kporti II, the chief of the community, said he had informed the assembly about the incident for the needed assistance.

He noted that the flooding was a perennial issue that sometimes got worse, leading to the residents digging trenches to direct the water flow into either the sea or the Songor Lagoon as a form of temporary relief measure.

He said his elders, together with the Assembly me
mber for the area, Mr Rockson Ahuakese, contacted Electrochem Ghana Limited (ECL), a commercial salt-producing company in the enclave, for some intervention, adding that it responded favourably and is therefore currently working in the community to reduce the floods.

Mr Ahuakese, the assembly member, admitted that his electoral area was low-lying and could be termed a flood-prone area, hence the recurrent flooding recorded in the community.

He appealed to the relevant authorities to aid the communities in his electoral area by providing proper drainage systems to help mitigate the issue.

He noted that the gutters and canals dug by ECL have helped lessen the plight of the community; more needs to be done.

Source: Ghana News Agency