Maypharm Launches a New Professional set HAIRNA for Hair Loss Solution

SEOUL, South Korea and NEW YORK, Dec. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Maypharm is known as a manufacturer of recently successfully launched Metox botulinum toxin with a 2nd generation technological advantage and meNnus PLA filler for collagen regeneration, now is focusing on a new professional set HAIRNA for Hair Loss Solution.

New Hair Product Line consists of 5 products, a main one HAIRNA EXOSOME AMPOULE (5ml x 5 vials) with exosomes, effective in hair loss treatment; HAIRNA HAIR FILL (2.5ml), essential for hair loss prevention & normalization and additional trio of supportive HAIRNA products, which are HAIRNA SHAMPOO (300ml), HAIRNA TREATMENT (200ml) and HAIRNA TONER (150ml) to help with scalp care, hair loss issue and damaged hair cure.

HAIRNA Scalp Care Solution Line

All HAIRNA products were reported to the KFDA and recognized for their stability without any irritation during all the clinical trials. Particularly, HAIRNA EXOSOME BOOSTER AMPOULE was additionally tested to see how it improved the scalp skin, elasticity, and hair loss, and the results were satisfying.

It contains 37,000 ppm of exosome, a key ingredient to relieve hair loss symptoms, and is surprisingly effective in treating alopecia areata.

It is a product that both men and women who experience hereditary and stress-related hair loss can use directly by penetrating the scalp using an MTS needle, created especially for HAIRNA Ampoules, rather than just topical application. The exosome ingredient itself is highly effective in hair loss since the process of absorption starts right from the scalp.

HAIRNA HAIR FILL with copper, panthenol and vitamin B complex works as an antioxidant for hair by normalization hair growth cycle and prevents hair loss; prevents oxidative damage to hair follicle cells by suppression of free radicals; supplies moisturization for elasticity and shining effect.

HAIR FILL benefit is found in synergy of exosome, growth factors and active ingredients which in total strengthen scalp barrier and prevent hair loss. After balancing the unhealthy scalp, hair fill helps improving the overall scalp condition and maintaining effect for a long time.

HAIRNA SHAMPOO, TREATMENT, and TONER contain main ingredients that prevent hair loss such as L-menthol, Dexpanthenol, and Salicylic Acid, which are effective in cooling scalp heat, removing sebum and dead skin cells, moisturizing, and relieving hair loss symptoms.

Maypharm has announced HAIRNA on The Times Square Spectacular digital billboard in New York in December, 2021.

HAIRNA in New York

Maypharm is well recognized as a wholesale distributor and manufacturer around the world in Central America, Middle East, South and South-Eastern Asian countries, Europe, particularly, in China, UK, Russia, USA, Mexican market.

“While we are becoming well known as a manufacturer of Metox, we thoroughly concentrate on taking a global position on HAIRNA now. HAIRNA Full Line is available on various global online platforms, including Amazon, Shopee, Q10, Lazada.

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