Meet Nigerian family Imafidon, UK’s smartest family

By Charity Nginyu

Hailing from Nigeria, the Imafidon family has garnered recognition as the ‘smartest family in the UK,’ and perhaps even the world.

Comprised of Chris and Ann Imafidon and their five children, the family boasts a remarkable academic pedigree that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Ann-Marie Imafidon, embarked on her university journey at the age of 15 and later founded Stemettes, an organization dedicated to empowering women in STEM fields.

Meanwhile, Christina Imafidon made waves by entering university at the tender age of 11 and conducting groundbreaking research at Oxford University.

Samantha Imafidon stunned the academic community by sitting for high school exams at just 6 years old and enrolling in secondary school at the age of 9.

The youngest members of the family, Paula and Peter Imafidon, affectionately known as the ‘Wonder Twins,’ made headlines for becoming the youngest students to attend a British secondary school. Not only did they excel in mathematics, but they also aced
the advanced mathematics exams at the University of Cambridge.

The twins’ exceptional talents extend beyond academics, as they have also been recognized for their prowess in athletics. They aspire to pursue careers in politics and education.

The family’s extraordinary achievements are attributed to the innovative educational approach of their father, Chris Imafidon, a renowned professor and scientist.

Source: Cameroon News Agency