Ngozi: presentation of the achievements of 2022 and prospects for the future

The natives of Ngozi province met on Saturday March 18 in the capital of the province to participate in a session to present the results of the achievements of the 2022 financial year and future prospects.

According to the Governor of Ngozi province Emmanuel Ntaconsanze, the results of the achievements are largely positive, even if all is not rosy.

Significant achievements have been observed in the areas of agriculture, livestock, health, education, drinking water, the environment, the construction of offices for grassroots administrators, etc. Moreover, noted the governor, civil servants are increasingly interested in agro-pastoral activities and thus contribute to the increase in production.

As regards the difficulties encountered, animals have died as a result of Rift Valley fever while the vaccines arrived late, the distribution of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers has not been very good because there are had stock shortages of fertilizers to be distributed, production was not satisfactory due to vagaries and climate change, but as the population was made aware of irrigation during the dry season, production could increase in the future , explained the governor.

The education sector has been confronted with the shortage of teachers, teaching materials and classrooms.

The Governor of Ngozi province said that this province has a lot of agricultural product processing units that do not function sufficiently due to the lack of raw materials and require more investment.

In the future, the province intends to work on increasing agricultural production and environmental protection, completing the construction of the Agasaka stadium, building the Muremera stadium, making Ngozi a pilot province in terms of development and trade and finally to install public lighting in the town of Ngozi.

Source: Radio Television Burundi