North West ranked second poorest region after Far North

The National Institute of Statistics of Cameroon ranked the North West region, second poorest after the Far North region in a 2022 report.

The report stated that at least four in ten Cameroonians (37.7%) were poor. Thus, out of a population estimated at nearly 26.7 million inhabitants in 2022, 10.1 million people lived below the poverty line.

Implying less than 813 CFA francs per day, that is 24,724 CFA francs per month. Suffering from a Boko Haram insurgency for years, the Far North topped the ranking with 69.2%.

Sure, here is the revised text for clarity and accuracy:

The North West region, deeply affected by a six-year-long Anglophone conflict by 2022, had a poverty rate of 66.8%. The North followed with a rate of 61.1%.

In contrast, the South West region, also English-speaking and affected by the same crisis, had a significantly lower poverty rate of 20.4%, indicating a 45.4% difference. This suggests that the North West was more affected or recovered more slowly.

Other regions reported the followin
g poverty rates: Adamawa at 45.1%, East at 41.5%, West at 30.4%, Littoral at 23.8%, Center at 19.1%, and South at 14.9%.

Cameroon’s two major cities had lower poverty rates compared to the rest of their regions and the country. The political capital, Yaoundé, had a rate of 10.8%, while the economic capital, Douala, was at 8.3%.

Source: Cameroon News Agency