Reflect Christ in your social media broadcast – Dr Boadi Nyamekye urges Christians

Dr Michael Boadi Nyamekye, the General Overseer of the Maker’s House Chapel International, has admonished Christians, especially the youth, to utilise their social media platforms to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

It was unfortunate, he said, that today’s generation were dedicated to sharing bad news and information that was unhelpful to society through their tiktok, instagram and other handles.

He was delivering the Resurrection Sunday sermon at the Destiny Arena – the multi purpose complex headquarters of the Church, at Kwabenya in the Ga East District.

Using the story of Mary Magdalene and the other women who went to town to broadcast the good news of Christ’s resurrection, he said Christians must also be enthusiastic about sharing positive news for building the Kingdom of God and society.

The occasion, which climaxed the annual Easter Supernatural Conference of the Church, was also used to commission the fully-occupied 5,000-seater ultramodern auditorium of the Church.

Dr Boadi Nyamekye reminded Christians that they could not live their lives anyhow if they professed to be followers of Christ Jesus.

Consequently, they must die to their old sinful nature and its works and lead exemplary lives befitting the Children of Christ the King.

Referencing the account of Luke 24:5, where the angels asked Mary and her companions why they were living for the living among the dead, Dr Boadi Nyamekye said it was important for Christians to part ways with ungodly attitudes and actions.

They also should be sensitive to their locations as many accounts in the Bible demonstrated that how God chose specific locations to reveal His plans, purposes and assignments to His chosen.

For instance, on the use of mountains God chose Mt Ararat to rest the Ark of the Covenant after the floods in Noah’s era, Mt Moriah for Abraham’s intended sacrifice of Isaac, Mt Sinai for giving the tablets of the Ten Commandments to Moses, Mt Zion for David’s installation as king, Mt Olives for Jesus’ weeping over Jerusalem, and Mt Calvary for Jesus’ crucifixion.

Consequently, Christians could not take where they wanted to seek the face for granted.

Dr Boadi Nyamekye also encouraged Christians to be resolute in their faith, especially in trying times where they were likely to be abandoned by their loved ones and the people they had helped.

God always came through for His faithful ones, he assured, saying that sometimes God chose to reveal His glory by allowing believers to go through affliction.

The service was charged as the celebrants, clothed in mainly white attires, sang joyfully with the resident choir and danced to celebrate the power of the Risen Christ.

Dr Boadi Nyamekye acknowledged God for granting him supernatural abilities towards building his Ministry.

He also a commended the people who had assisted him in diverse ways to be faithful to his calling.

The Maker’s House Chapel International is a bible-believing church with branches in several areas in Ghana and beyond.

It strives for church excellence and empowering believers to live worthy fulfilling lives, while preparing them for heaven.

Source: Ghana News Agency