Renowned Asian Oral Care Brand usmile Reveals Flagship Powered Toothbrush Globally

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  usmile (a sub-brand within the Stars Pulse corporation), an Asia-based all-around oral care brand driven by the mission to enable healthier oral condition for all, today introduced its star product to the world-the Y1S, a sonic toothbrush co-developed by over 1,000,000 users. To date, this sensational product has safeguarded over 5,200,000 smiles, reaching 300,000,000 USD revenue in Asia.

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To deliver an original yet optimum brushing experience with Y1S, usmile established a cross-functional team, including dental professionals, engineers, and other top-notch experts, bringing new possibilities to this stale industry.

A Toothbrush Made for You, From You

“At first, there were lots of unanticipated problems: the handle was not grip-friendly enough, the waterproof technology needed an upgrade, and the cleanability could be improved, along with others,” said Jake Keeter, Chief Product Manager of usmile. “So we enforced a DTC strategy, involving consumers into manufacturing process.”

“After its debut in Asia, we gathered more than 300 pieces of advice from 1,000,000 early-adopters, and fine-tuned the product accordingly,” Keeter commented. “After 11 iterations within two years, the current Y1S became the choice of over 5,000,000 people.”

A Toothbrush That Resonates

Having won 13 international design awards, including the German Red Dot Design Award, Y1S got its position in the stale industry with chic designs engineered for better oral care solutions. Before, most electric toothbrushes bore a resemblance to the medical industry, evoking discomfort from tooth decay.

Therefore, inspired by Roman-column, Y1S integrated aesthetics with technology, surprising users with a stylish yet premium brushing experience. The handle comprises 14 golden-ratio ridges, featuring not only classic artistic, but also ergonomic mechanics to ensure a comfortable and stable grip. Additionally, this design secures the balance, allowing steady standing or laying on the countertop during the oral care routine. Besides, the self-developed mold-resistant PA/ASA material enhances its endurance to humidity while preventing mildew.

Industry-leading Cleanability and Ultra-long Battery Life of Up to 180 Days

One fundamental factor for selecting rechargeable toothbrushes is cleanability. Powered by a self-developed high-frequency magnetic levitation motor, with speed up to 38,000 rpm, Y1S can remove more plaque and gingivitis, compared to manual ones.

With a game-changing balance of the highly-effective vibration and energy-saving motor, a fully-charged Y1S lasts up to 180 days at a using frequency of 2 minutes/time and 2 times/day, surpassing counterparts by 14-30 days of battery life on average.

Other features include:

  • 2-minute timer
  • Travel-friendly Type-C input
  • Gentle DuPont filament
  • 3 cleaning modes: Clean/White/Soft

usmile transcends the idea that an electric toothbrush is only a tool or decoration; it is the combination of both-vibing with personal atmosphere while dissolving the most troublesome problems. “Launching Y1S worldwide is our first step of globalization. We will keep elevating oral health for all,” said Ramble Chan, Vice Present of Stars Pulse, the parent company of usmile.

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About usmile

Part of the Stars Pulse corporation, usmile offers a comprehensive line of oral care products to refine dental experience. With a dedicated commitment to deliver ultra-cleanliness through scientific oral care solutions, usmile brightens over 22 million smiles yearly.

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Founded in 2015, Stars Pulse focuses on blending technological advancement and innovative design to deliver integrated healthcare solutions to its customers. With a portfolio of brands, including usmile® and Kitty Annie®, the Stars Pulse community strives to become the global leader in health and beauty care technology.

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