Revenue Mobilization Africa launches ‘Blue Community’ to ensure equitable access to water

Revenue Mobilization Africa (RMA), a research and advocacy not-for-profit organization, has launched ‘Blue Community’ to ensure equitable distribution and responsible treatment of water for future generations.

‘Blue Community’ adopts a water commons framework that treats water as a common good that everyone shares and is the responsibility of all.

It is aimed at addressing pollution, degradation, and depletion, curtailing the privatization of water resources at the community level and ensuring fair access to water for all.

Mr Geoffrey Ocansey, Executive Director of RMA, said the initiative would promote public financing, ownership and operation of water and wastewater services, and advocate for banning the sale of bottled water in public facilities and at municipal events.

He said it would establish strong networks to create awareness and facilitate the protection of rights to better water and sanitation conditions locally and internationally.

The Executive Director said recognizing sector services as hu
man rights and promoting citizens’ participation and role was crucial for effective and equitable access to water services to all.

‘As we launch the Blue Community Africa Project, we are not just starting a new initiative; we are igniting a movement that has the potential to reshape how water is managed and protected across our continent’, he added.

Dr Alexander Ampabeng, Deputy Minister for Finance, said the Blue Community initiative aligned seamlessly with Ghana’s developmental goals as it embraced the principle that water is a common good, essential for all life forms, and a fundamental human right, and reaffirmed the government’s dedication to these principles.

He said since 2017, the government’s investments in the water and sanitation sectors had significantly improved access to essential services, stating that, the population’s access to basic drinking water services had increased from 79 per cent in 2017 to 87.7 per cent in 2022.

He said the government also developed comprehensive Water Safety Pla
ns, which were now integral to the training of School Health Education Project Coordinators, fostering a culture of water safety education from the grassroots.

The Deputy Finance Minister said despite these achievements, the government recognized the challenges ahead, hence, in keeping with the common goal of realizing and safeguarding access to clean water and decent sanitation as essential human rights, the launch of Blue Community in Africa is a major milestone.

However, it demands coordinated effort, government support, and environmentally responsible water resource management.

He said the private sector, civil society, and international partners must collaborate to guarantee that all citizens have access to these fundamental services.

He reiterated the commitment of the government to keep up efforts to protect valuable water resources for future generations, increase access to water and sanitation services, and improve the quality of water available to citizens.

Mr Aloysius Adjietey, Chief Executive
of Community Water and Sanitation Agency, called for strong policy frameworks, an end to corruption, improved water service delivery and investment in water infrastructure to be able to achieve the sustainable developmental goals.

Source: Ghana News Agency