The EFB participates in the week of French lycées du monde 2021

The students of the Grande section of the EFB visit the vegetable garden to observe the growth of their plantations as part of the week of French high schools around the world ©: EFB

Like all French high schools around the world, the French School of Bujumbura (EFB) Nelson Mandela participated for the 5th consecutive year, from November 29 to December 4, 2021 in the Semaine des lycées français du monde. This week helped to highlight the strengths and values ​​carried by French education abroad.

During the week, the EFB students visited the vegetable gardens, they were made aware of the challenges linked to climate change in Burundi and the fight against deforestation. The students planted trees in the school and an exhibition was organized around the arts, sciences and sustainable development in the school.

According to Barbara Pompili, Minister for the Ecological Transition of the Government of the French Republic and sponsor of the Week of French High Schools of the World 2021, sustainable development is at the heart of educational programs in all disciplines. This transversal theme was thus chosen for the theme of the 2021 edition of the Week of French lycées du monde: “Arts, sciences and sustainable development: French education to prepare for the world of tomorrow”. The opportunity for the teaching teams and the students to focus on the actions and systems implemented within the establishments and in the classes, in particular through artistic and scientific projects.

With a presence in 138 countries, 543 establishments and 375,000 pupils enrolled from kindergarten to 12th grade in 2021, France is the country with the largest school network beyond its borders. On all continents, French families (1/3 of the global workforce) and many other nationalities (2/3 of the global workforce) choose French education because they appreciate its strengths, including the inclusiveness of all students, equality between girls and boys, excellence, well-being, critical thinking, solidarity, plurilingualism and openness to the world.

Every year since 2017, the Semaine des lycées français du monde has shed light on the strengths of French education for students in the diversity of initiatives from establishments in the network. Source: France in Burundi French Embassy in Bujumbura

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