This Friday, June 3, 2022, the President of the Republic His Excellency Evariste Ndayishimiye brought together the natives, elected officials and administrative, political and religious leaders of Makamba Province in a session of moralization on good governance and patriotic awakening, a session which is part of a campaign initiated by the Father of the Nation himself, with the aim of encouraging all Burundian citizens to a national renaissance.

In her welcome address, the Governor of Makamba Françoise Ngózirāzana indicated that security reigns throughout the province and welcomes the close collaboration between various provincial services and the population. In the development sector, he is delighted with the step taken in the realization of various provincial projects, in particular that of the construction of the Provincial Office of Makamba, an infrastructure in floor of six levels whose works reach a rate of 80%.

Speaking, the Burundian Number One insisted on the socio-economic development of the country and is delighted with the change in behavior and mentality that is currently observed in Burundian society where all citizens are mobilized to develop their country.

His Excellency Evariste Ndayishimiye invites all Burundian citizens to show love by cutting short any form of division, to be artisans of fraternity and national cohesion in order to develop their homeland which is full of great economic potential.

At a time when Burundi’s economy is suffering from the underexploitation of its natural resources, President Ndayishimiye calls on all citizens to denounce and actively fight corruption and all forms of economic embezzlement. He recalls that unity and social cohesion are prerequisites for the socio-economic development of Burundi. As such, he urges the people of Makamba to get rid of old mentalities that have been at the origin of ethnic divisions.

In the 2nd part of the session devoted to the collection of grievances, the population of Makamba was able to submit to the Father of the Nation their concerns in various fields, especially that of justice where they are indignant at the behavior of certain magistrates whom they consider corrupt. . In relation to these imperfections, President Ndayishimiye reiterates his commitment to reform the Burundian justice sector from the bottom up and to punish the recalcitrant without mercy.

However, in relation to legal proceedings, he reminds the population that they must first go through all the authorized bodies before seizing the summit, that of the Superior Council of the Judiciary which intervenes as a last resort.

Before closing the session, the President of the Republic His Excellency Evariste Ndayishimiye invited Burundian citizens to live unity and cohesion in order to be able to develop their country. He calls on the population of Makamba to get down to work to increase production in order to sell their products even outside their province.

Source: Ntare Rushatsi House

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