Ukraine Response 2022 France: Survey with TCNs Arriving from Ukraine – Publication: 24 February 2023

Between August and December 2022, IOM France conducted a survey of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) displaced from Ukraine in France. The study is intended to gather insights into the profiles, journey and intentions of TCNs displaced from Ukraine. IOM France collected this information in different locations nationally, with the support from four NGOs (Entraide Pierre Valdo, France Fraternités, Pottal Fii Bhantal France, Maison des Camerounais en France). In total, 52 TCNs displaced from Ukraine agreed to voluntarily and anonymously complete the survey conducted with IOM staff (48 interviews in person and 5 by phone).

Summary: From a socio-demographic perspective, 71 per cent of TCNs interviewed are male and 58 per cent are originally from West and Central Africa; 73 per cent are between 18 and 30 years old. About 80 per cent of interviewees were students, with 42 per cent of them pursuing a bachelor degree and 10 per cent a Master’s degree. Half of TCNs had been residing in Ukraine for at least 3 years before the start of the conflict. Seventy-one per cent declared to be single, and out of the married ones, nearly half are married to Ukrainian nationals. About 85 per cent of TCNs travelled with family members or friends. For 73 per cent, France was their intended destination, with 40 per cent motivated by their knowledge of French language. The main protection issues on the journey were reported to be extortion, coercion, threats as well as stress (about 70%); more than 50 per cent complained of facing discrimination, xenophobia and racism especially during the border crossing to leave Ukraine. TCNs reported immediate needs in acquiring residence permits (65%), medical care (46%), temporary accommodation (42%)

Source: International Organization for Migration