Babadjou: girl, 14, found dead

A 14-year-old girl whose name CNA got as Tsapi Foning Iris has died in Bamedji, a neighborhood in the Babadjou subdivision, West region of Cameroon, under unclear circumstances.

Iris, who had come from Douala for the holidays, had just succeeded in her BEPC exams in the French subsystem of education and according to local sources, was on her way to her grandfather’s compound for an urgent traditional rite on Sunday July 23, 2023 when she met her death. Eyewitnesses say Iris on her way there suddenly collapsed in a gutter and died.

“I reached the square this morning and saw her the other way. As I was opening my store, I saw two men shouting that there is a child falling in the gutter. When I reached the place with the two men, I noticed that the child was dead. From my findings, I discovered that she was my neighbor’s child,” a shop owner declared.

Further information from her tutor confirms that the girl before leaving the house, showed no sign of illness:

“Yesterday when I returned from work, we were all in the parlor discussing, she had no problem. This Sunday morning as I was feeding pigs, she passed in front of me going to her grandfather’s house for a traditional rite. Shortly after, I received a phone call informing me that she collapsed. That’s how I went with my bike and discovered that she was already dead.”

Her remains were immediately taken to their family residence at Melang for burial.

This death comes just a week after a 21-year old committed suicide under unclear circumstances still in Babadjou subdivision.

Source: Cameroon News Agency