Disgruntled Dibamba land grabbing victims deny SDO breathing space

The confiscation of parcels of land and unlawful demolition of houses in Dibamba in the Douala III subdivision allegedly by individuals with fake land titles is what has caused anger within the population for over 13 years now.

“Someone with a land title in the Douala V subdivision comes to Douala III claiming ownership of land. He starts demolishing houses. I had a fish pond and it was destroyed. It started in 2011 when the then Prime Minister issued a decree announcing the construction of low cost houses,” a local and victim explained.

This unlawful demolition has rendered many homeless for several years.

“My house was demolished and I was compelled to rent a hut in the neighborhood. At 72 years of age I was supposed to be resting home but here I am, transporting crates of drinks on my head to survive because the road leading to my hut has been blocked. My tricycle cannot reach there,” a 72-year-old inhabitant said.

Following several complaints, the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for the Wouri division, Benjamin Mboutou went to Dibamba for fact-finding on 24 August 2023. While there, he was besieged by over 200 disgruntled victims who demanded that justice be served.

Some pleaded if seized lands have to be returned, the redistribution should start with those who first settled in the area.

“It is not the first time the SDO is coming here. We beg the Minister of state property, survey and land tenure to begin with pioneer settlers here if the lands have to be returned to their rightful owners. We also request that, all land titles in swamps should be cancelled,” another demolition victim said.

Benyamin Mboutou assured the population he will continue probing into the said land saga before a final decision is reached, urging the population to stay calm.

Source: Cameroon News Agency