Don’t lord over fellow humans, Christians are called to serve -Anglican Priest

Reverend Father Camillos Baba Ababagre, Parish Priest at the Saint Cyprian’s Anglican Church in Bolgatanga, has encouraged Christians to be compassionate, and serviceable to humanity, and not shirk their responsibilities as followers of Christ to lord over people.

Preaching the sermon on the theme: ‘We are Called to Serve,’ Rev Ababagre, bemoaned the practice where some Christians lord their positions on members of the congregation, instead of offering themselves as servants

He said: ‘Every Christian is called to serve, no matter who you are, whether you are intelligent or stupid, rich or poor, low or high,’ and reminded them that as Christians, ‘you should not intimidate or bully, or lord your positions over other members of the congregation.

‘As Christians, we are called to liberate wondering people and not to intimidate them. Issiah confirms this instruction to service in Issiah 47:1-7.’

The Parish Priest said the apostles did not lord the words of the Gospel on the people; they served and encouraged the followers to also render service to other people through their teachings.

He reiterated the need for Christians to accept service as an honourable thing to do.

‘Even traders are called to serve. They are to show attachments to their customers. That is the call to service,’ he added.

‘As teachers, we are to serve these children, mould and repair them through service. The politicians will soon run to you with money and when they succeed, they will ignore you over service, until they need your vote again’.

He explained that politicians were expected to constantly provide their service without discriminating or lording their position on the people.

He reminded the congregation that parents were called to serve their children, ‘so are children called to serve their parents,’ and urged them to be transparent, fair, and firm in providing service as Christians.

Source: Ghana News Agency