Emergency readiness: Seychelles registers civilians participating in EASF exercises

Seychelles has commenced a four-day civilian roster verification and recruitment exercise as a member of the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF).

The aim of the exercise is to re-register civilians who have already participated in EASF capacity building exercises in the past. As a member of EASF, Seychelles benefits from training that is for military and police officers as well as civilians.

The chief executive of Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (CEPS), Alvin Laurence, shared that participants will be interviewed during the week as well.

“They will receive capacity-building training to ensure they are at par, understand what is happening in the region as well as to understand their availability and capacity to respond,” said Laurence.

Even if citizens do not have the military or police background they are trained and prepared in case of an emergency in the region. This can be a conflict where you have to intervene on a humanitarian basis.

“Our people are trained to know how to react and at CEPS we mobilise people to participate,” said Laurence.

He also explained that when there were Somalian pirates in Seychelles’ waters, “these people didn’t just want to come onto our waters and attack vessels. It was due to economic instabilities in their country and this was a way to survive. Ensuring that there is stability in the region offers our country and the tourism industry great protection.”

Every year, EASF conducts this exercise in member states and this year it is the turn of Rwanda, Seychelles and Somalia.

The rostering and verification exercise plays a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness and readiness of the EASF in carrying out its peacekeeping missions

The opening ceremony provided an opportunity for high-level officials, military personnel, diplomats, and experts from Eastern African countries to gather, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration toward a more secure and stable region.

EASF is one of five components of the Africa Standby Forces and comprises Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, and Uganda.

Established in 2004, EASF was created as regional mechanism to provide the capability for rapid deployment of forces to carry out preventative deployment comma rapid intervention comma please support operations comma and peace enforcement.

Source: Seychelles News Agency