FECAFOOT Gate takes a new twist as Victoria United asks for authenticity of voice message

Victoria United alias Opopo has qualified as fake, the voice message circulating on social media, alleged to be a conversation between Club president, Valentine Nkwain and football FA president Samuel Eto’o.

In a release on Thursday July 20, it is revealed that the team’s lawyers are working on launching a complaint against persons responsible for the circulation of the audio message in which the supposedly Club president and FECAFOOT president can be heard arranging the Victoria United’s ascension to the MTN elite One Championship. The Club says the persons responsible will have to prove the authenticity and source of the voice message and other information circulating on social media.

The Club says its ascension to the Elite One was well deserved given that they invested about FCFA 1 billion as capital and that last season the team had FCFA 275 million as total budget.

“Two buses for players and supporters were also acquired and the players and staff quarters is under reconstruction ” reads the release.

While insisting that the sole interest of the Club is to develop football, give value to players and staff and to create standard in the South West and all over the national territory, the management says they cannot accept the manipulation, lies telling and forgery circulating on social media.

CNA sources have corroborated foreign press that FIFA is investigating the claims of match fixing.

Source: Cameroon News Agency