Former CRTV sports journalist, Fon Echekiye says colleague betrayed him

The revelation came six years after the venerated football commentator was ‘coldly left alone’ until he retired himself, two years before his legal retirement age. Whereas, aced journalists have been given several chances to remain at Cameroon Radio Television, after their retirement, the case of the man with wonderful football jargon, was propelled by his views on the Anglophone conflict. Even before reaching his retirement age, he could stay again for 5 more years if the General Manager wished.

Interviewed recently on Canal 2 International, Fon said while in Gabon covering the 2017 African Cup of Nations which Cameroon later won, he was perplexed to see that the State media was showing only a positive side of the armed conflict ongoing in the Anglophone regions.

He told his head of mission that it is also good as a media to inform people that all is not well because this can radicalize Anglophones. The countenance on the face of Alain Belibi changed. He became more furious when Fon advised that President Pual Biya should release those arrested to calm everyone.

“He told me that the Head of State cannot do that. I told him he’s the father of the country, and if there is a problem, he could call them and resolve the problem. He told me it was not possible. The President cannot receive people like that.”

Fon also revealed that his downfall was imminent after their return, and it was just a matter of time-he also said Alain asked him, “Is that how you speak?… So if we go back to Yaounde after the African Cup of Nations, will you go back to Bamenda?” Belibi retorted.

Fon said, no, he will remain in Yaounde but the atmosphere was already tense.

“When we went back to Yaounde, his attitude towards me changed. I don’t know what he told the General Manager. We had to go to the Unity Palace ( Presidential residence) to receive the Indomitable Lions after AFCON. I was in George Ewane’s car, ( his colleague) he asked me ‘Why does Alain Belibi think that you are radical?’. I told him something happened in Libreville.”

The journalist said when he returned to Cameroon, he was appointed to work in the Secretariat of the same Alain Belibi on the Radio. When he refused to work there citing partiality in Belibi’s handling of professional issues, CRTV passed an announcement that he had abandoned duty, meanwhile, he was presenting a program on Television at the time.

Source: Cameroon News Agency