Fulfillment of the ATMIS mission: Burundian troops called upon to perform

“It is time to achieve the objectives of the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS)”, an appeal launched by the Chief of the General Staff, Major General Prime Niyongabo to the Burundian soldiers in Somalia. It was during his visit to Somalia.

He encouraged them to fully realize the objectives of the ATMIS mission which is to help Somalia and its people to regain peace and security.

“I encourage you to accomplish the objectives of the mission so that they can bring peace to the Somali people within the deadlines set by the African Union and its partners ,” added the Chief of the Burundian General Staff.

During this visit, the Chief of Staff visited Jowhar, in the state of Hirshabelle in a base of the Burundian contingent forming part of the forces of the ATMIS.

As a reminder, the visit of the Chief of Staff comes after an attack by Al Shabaab on May 3 in the position of Ceel Baraaf held by Burundian soldiers.

Source: IWACU Burundi

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