GCE 2023 results: Avoid frustration, isolation and depression-Principal advises students

Results of the 2023 General Certificate of Education were published by the GCE Board on Monday, July 24.

Since this publication, while many candidates or non-candidates are busy online checking their results or those of their loved ones, School heads on their part are busy checking the overall percentage of their schools.

Government Bilingual High School, GBHS Bachua is the last school in the Babadjou subdivision, border to the North West Region and this year hosted a total of 124 ( 44 in the Advanced Level and 81 in the Ordinary level) candidates and scored 88,64 % in the Advanced Level and 79,01% in the Ordinary level.

The performance was well celebrated by Ashu Clement, the Principal of the school who confirmed on the phone that the performance is satisfactory, adding that the secret to such a performance is the outstanding teamwork his staff did throughout the academic year.

” I am very satisfied with the results this year even though it could not do a hundred percent. We are moving towards that. I will like to, first of all, congratulate the students who made it. They should know that they have taken a big step in their lives,” Ashu told CNA via phone call.

He advised that those who did not make it this year should avoid being frustrated, depressed, and isolated because such situations are always at the origin of most suicide attempts by students who fail.

” And to those who did not make it, it’s not the end of the world. They should double their efforts for experience is the best teacher. They should not give up. Avoid putting in your mind that the world is against you. Just tell yourself that you are preparing yourself to be the best,” he advised.

These remarks from the Principal came in as a boost to students who failed their exams and find themselves in situations of depression and frustration that can easily lead them to extreme cases of sometimes; drugging themselves or committing suicide.

“I’m very very happy about my results. Although it is not what I was expecting, I’m however happy about it. The A Level will now give me access to some competitive entrance exams.” a graduate of GBHS Bachua told CNA.

The Examination Center of Bachua, also hosted many students from the neighboring warzone, Wabane in the Lebialem Division of the South West Region in both A and O levels.

Source: Cameroon News Agency