In response to the arbitrary arrests and detentions of members of the National Front for the Defence of the Constitution (FNDC) and the wave of police violence during the demonstrations in Conakry on 28 July that left five dead and at least three more injured by gunfire, Fabien Offner, a researcher in Amnesty International’s West and Central Africa office, said:

The Guinean authorities must put a stop to this excessive use of force when responding to large-scale demonstrations, including the one that took place on Thursday 28 July when five people lost their lives. The organization is calling for the immediate and unconditional release of those arbitrarily arrested and the dropping of charges against them.” 

“According to testimonies collected and documented by Amnesty International, the police fired live ammunition at demonstrators as they protested in the streets of Conakry. Amnesty International would remind the authorities that, under international law, the use of force in policing must be strictly necessary and proportional, and that the use of firearms is prohibited unless there is imminent threat of death or serious injury.

“The authorities must furthermore conduct effective, independent and impartial investigations into the suspected cases of gunshot victims and, upon completion of these investigations, prosecute and try those suspected through fair trials in competent, independent, and impartial courts.”


On 28 July, the civil society organisation FNDC organised a demonstration to denounce the unilateral governance of the country. Violence broke out between the police and demonstrators. According to a statement by the authorities, five

On 28 July, FNDC, a civil society organization, convened a demonstration to denounce the unilateral way in which the transition was being managed. Violence broke out between police and demonstrators. According to a statement from the authorities, five people died and several more were arrested, including two members of the FNDC and a leader of the UFR political party.

On 29 July, legal proceedings were commenced against Oumar Sylla alias Foniké Menguè, Ibrahima Diallo et Saikou Yaya Barry for illegal protest, destruction of public and private buildings, incitement of a crowd, assault and battery, obstruction of freedom of movement and complicity, followed by their arrest on the night of 30-31 July. They are currently being held in Conakry civil prison.

Source: Amnesty International

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