Dear Minister,

Dear Secretary General,

Ladies and gentlemen,


It is such a great pleasure that I am participating in today’s event on Greek-Indian friendship, organised by the Secretary General for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy, my dear friend, Mr Chrysoulakis. May I avail myself of the opportunity to welcome Mrs Lekhi on your official visit to Athens.


This event on Greek-Indian friendship is another tangible proof of the strategic level of our relations with India. The enhancement of our bilateral relations has been a priority for the Greek foreign policy and, allow me to say, for me personally.


Over the last two years, the frequent bilateral visits and meetings, such as the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of India, Dr. Jaishankar to Athens in June 2021, my visit to New Delhi in March 2022, the 8th Session of Greece-India Joint Economic Committee/Signing of Protocol in April 2022, are concrete steps which further promote our strong ties.


And allow me, please, on this occasion, to applaud the innovative initiative by the women of our two peoples; active both in the business and, very important, in the cultural sectors. An initiative that established the Greek peer of WICCI that will serve as a bridge of continued interaction and inventiveness.


Last but not least, today marks the commemoration of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. If you walk out of this building, less than 100 metres, you will see his statue which we inaugurated with Dr. Jaishankar, back when he visited Athens in 2021. I think every human being pays tribute to this prominent Indian political figure. It is a legacy for us all.


Thank you so much.


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic

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