Paul Biya returns to Cameroon one month after ‘short stay in Europe’

The Presidential couple left Cameroon in June for the Paris Summit in France. On June 22, 2023, he met with the French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna, during the New Global Financing Pact.

At the end of the Summit, President Paul Biya and wife Chantal were seen in Geneva, Switzerland, their usual destination in Europe.

During his over one-month absence, several issues have hit the Cameroon society that has left many tongues wagging.

Road accidents have been rampant this past month, raising the perennial issue of bad roads in Cameroon, 10 civilians were killed by separatists in Nacho, Bamenda, in the North west region, raising the issue of the resolution of the Anglophone conflict in the two regions just on the eve of his arrival three government forces were killed in Ekok, South West region. This shows that there is still an urgent need to solve the conflict.

A house collapsed in Mobil Guinness, Douala, killing at least 31. This also raises the disturbing issue of poor construction of houses in urban areas. Poor town planning and urban development.

Source: Cameroon News Agency