Queen of Kentinkrono-Nsenie advocates holistic child upbringing

Obaapayin Asamoah Akomaa, the Queen of Kentikrono-Nsenie in the Oforikrom Municipality, has called for more support from community members in the upbringing of children. With the increasing exposure of children to technology, it was important for the community to take up the responsibility to train them, using the time tested traditional and moral values, to ensure their holistic development. ‘Child upbringing in the past was the responsibility of not only parents or guardians, but a collective responsibility of the society, which helped in shaping them holistically‚Ķ’, she stated. At the International Girl-Child Day celebration in Kumasi, Obaapayin Akomaa said the deviation from the traditional system had given rise to moral decadence in the Ghanaian society. ‘Children of today are not respectful, some of them have shunned moral uprightness and are going wayward,’ she queried, and urged traditional leaders, especially the queen-mothers, to take pragmatic steps to shape the youth for a better future. Building the contrasts between the olden day child and the modern day one, the Queen-mother said a lot needed to be done to train contemporary children to help bridge the existing morality gaps. The International Day of the Girl Child focuses on addressing the challenges girls face, promote their empowerment, and fulfil their human rights. It was on the theme: ‘Transforming the Girl-Child; The Future of Our Nation.’ Obaapayin Akomaa advised schoolgirls to assist their parents with house chores, especially learning how to cook, which had been a challenge to many ladies nowadays. Mrs Joan Anokyewaa, the Headmistress of the State Experimental Basic ‘1’ School, where the celebration was held, expressed satisfaction at how girls were embracing professions, which were hitherto designated for men. The rapid positive change had ensured that many women were offered decent jobs and positions in varied occupational fields, she said.

Source: Ghana News Agency