Women Rights Leadership and Development Network Conference opens in Turkey

The first Women Rights Leadership and Development (WORLD) Network Conference has opened in Turkey with the aim of strengthening Women Non- Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) to fight against all forms of violence. The seven-day conference, organised by the Women and Democracy Association, (KADEM), Turkey, with support from the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, is also to find global solutions to all women issues. Dr Sevim Zehra Can Kaya, KADEM, speaking at the opening, said there were many issues confronting women and that it was important to create awareness and enlighten women about their rights and responsibilities. She said the Conference was also to promote collaboration among women NGOs across the globe to build a formidable force against all forms of violence against women. ‘This maiden meeting is the first step to know ourselves and network. It is a long road, and we know this is just the beginning of the road,’ she said. Dr Can Kaya said after the conference, KADEM team would meet with the NGOs in their home countries to familiarise with their works. Some topics to be discussed during the Conference are Communication and Advocacy for NGOs, Team Management and Leadership, Civil Society as a force in public opinion, volunteering, and volunteer management. Others are International Networks; Research Methods in Civil Society work and social impact measurement for NGOs and resource development and international grant information for NGOs. There will be field and cultural trips during the conference. Participating NGOs for the conference were selected from five pilot countries – Turkey, Ghana, Malaysia, Palestine, and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Source: Ghana News Agency