Lands and Mining Watch Ghana calls for clarifications on Adamus Mining Company case

Members of Lands and Mining Watch Ghana (LMWG) has reiterated their call on the government to find solutions to the politics that has encircled the Adamus Mining Company for some time now.

They have also appealed to all the influential people, who have been accused in the case to clear their names in the allegations levelled against them in the boiling case to breathe in some confidence in the courts.

In a statement signed by Mr Solomon Owusu, its Convener and copied to the Ghana News Agency, they stated that the issue of leadership had lingered on for long, and the earlier the government intervened the better for the company and country as well.

The LMWG is a civil society organization dedicated to promoting responsible and sustainable mining practices.

Adamus Mining, a company 90% owned by Adamus Australia and 10% owned by the Government of Ghana has been embroiled in a legal tussle after the purported sale of 90% of the company’s stake to Nguvu Mining Limited, a company registered in Mauritius was cha
llenged on account that the person who signed the alleged share transfer agreement was not a director or officer of the company hence lacked capacity to do so.

According to the statement, this culminated in a series of injunction applications which caused the Accra High Court to institute an Interim Management Committee (IMC) to steer the affairs of the company and manage the accrual of revenue until a final determination of the matter.

‘However, Nguvu Mines the company purported to have purchased the 90% stake in the Adamus Mines are shipping gold mined by the company without the approval of the duly appointed IMC.

‘The Interim Management Committee (IMC) which was formed by the Accra High Court of Justice (Commercial Division 7), on March 1, 2024, to direct the Management of Adamus Resources Limited is continuously being prevented from executing its mandate as per the court ruling’.

The statement said there had been instances of the Ghana police service providing security to the IMC on trips to the compa
ny’s headquarters at Airport residential only for the police to withdraw their services at the eleventh hour due to as they put it ‘orders from above’.

‘There are also several allegations of influential political figures interfering in the work of the IMC and thwarting their efforts.

‘The Lands and Mining Watch Ghana is therefore calling for immediate and resolute action to address the rampant impunity demonstrated by Angela List and her accomplices in the illegal exportation of gold from Adamus Resources’.

Source: Ghana News Agency