Secondary Education Minister salutes CGCE Board, exam organisation in South West

By Nchendzengang Tatah

The Minister of Secondary Education, Prof. Pauline Nalova Lyonga has praised the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board (CGCE) for organising effectively the 2024 GCE Examination.

Prof. Nalova Lyonga was speaking at the premises of the Board in Buea, May 30, during a visit to the South West to evaluate the unfolding of the official exams.

She chaired an incamera session with board members of the CGCE Board, after which she lauded their efforts. Minister Nalova who has for the whole week been at various schools through out the country supervising, said ‘everything has gone on well.’

Prof. Nalova Lyonga paid visits to some examination centers in the region and others schools, to evaluate the exam tempo and preparation for the next academic year respectively.

The member of government, debunked rumours of examination leakages circulating on the social media. She noted that, what the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINSEC) is seeing on the ground and what the social media is
saying stand at contrast.

‘The social media are not conducting the exam for us. We are conducting the exams and we know how the exams are going,’ Prof. Pauline Nalova assured.

She also added that; overall, the presence rate amongst candidates was almost complete but for minimal absences.The required spacing in halls was being respected and the clean school philosophy was being obeyed by all the teachers.

‘We are on the verge of showing the standards of Cameroon’s education with these exams going on. Everything standards wise, is just what we want,’ the MINSEC boss emphasized.

The GCE exams for 2024 is organised by an interim team of three, lead by Ndi Bernadette.

Source: Cameroon News Agency