Cameroonian lady calls on US Immigration to deport undocumented Camerooninans

The audio was shocking, the act disgraceful, wicked and unprecedented!

A Cameroonian lady resident in the US called the Immigration service to give the address of some Cameroonians who illegally migrated into the country.

“I want them to be deported because they came illegally. I know many people who are struggling to come to the US the right way , they keep trying to come…and remain patient,” Tchangoum Murielle Amanda is heard in an audio speaking with an Immigration officer.

It is not clear who published the voice notes but her act has been condemned by Cameroonians.

Asked by the Officer where she knew these people, she said, they only met in a gathering on July 4, 2023.

The bad thing the Immigrants did was telling her that they are undocumented and have entered the US twice.

Tchangoum Murielle may not have witnessed poverty in her life. Her father Samuel Tchangoum is the proprietor of a popular hotel in Cameroon.

Source: Cameroon News Agency