Stephen Mends, a security officer with one of the utility companies, is counting his days. This is not because of he being on a death roll, or a doctor numbering his days from a terminal illness. It is rather due to the daily inhalation of a cocktail …





Malaria cases dip in Adaklu district

Malaria cases in the Adaklu district have reduced slightly to 3,717, representing 11.7 per cent of the 10 top Out-Patient Department cases from January to June 2023. During the same period in 2022, 3,768 malaria cases were recorded, representing 12.7 …

937 Apollo infections recorded in four regions

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has recorded about 937 cases of Conjunctivitis, commonly known as ‘Apollo,’ from 19 health facilities in four regions between June and the second week of September this year. The cases were recorded in the