Canoeing: Angolan athlete at World Cup semi-finals in Germany

Angolan Domingos Pacavira qualified Wednesday (23) in Duisburg, Germany, for the semi-finals of the 200 meters of the Canoe World Championship.

The qualification of the athlete followed the result of the sixth place obtained in series three, over time of 45 seconds and 935 tenths among seven competitors.

In the semi-finals, scheduled for Friday, Pacavira will dispute the first three places that qualify for the final A, against Jasmin Klebic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Adel Mojallalimoghadam (Iran), Alejandro Rodriguez (Colombia), Oleksii Koliadych (Poland) and Artur Guliev (Uzbekistan).

In the competition, which involves eight opponents, the national athlete will also compete with canoeists from Latvia (Stanislavs Lescinskis) and Iraqi Kadhim Aldain.

In this event, from the 4th to the 6th place, qualify for the final B but, with no chance of disputing the podium.

Also Wednesday morning, Angola competed in Kayak with Geovany Bofila, who failed to qualify for the next phase in the 500m, by placing eighth with a time of 1min:55 secs and 573 tenths.

The Angolan team will compete again at 4:55 pm, in an individual canoe, with Banilson Sandanos 1000m, and Manuel António and Benilson Sanda in the 1000m double canoe (C2)

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)