Children advised to refrain from drug abuse

The Upper West Regional chapter of Curious Minds (CM) Ghana has advised children to refrain from drug abuse as that could deny them the opportunity to enjoy their rights to development and realisation of their life aspirations.

It also entreated children to take their life and personal development very seriously to enable them to develop into responsible citizens to contribute to national development.

‘You have to take the responsibility to safeguard yourselves as children and one of such responsibilities is for you not to indulge in drug abuse.

If you take to drug abuse, by the time you grow up, the drugs have already destroyed you, so please desist from drug abuse’, Miss Leenat Abdul-Rahaman, the Upper West Regional Programmes Manager of CM Ghana, said.

She was speaking at an event organised by CM Ghana, a youth-led advocacy group, at the weekend at Dignafuro in the Wa Municipality to observe this year’s World Children’s Day.

It brought together about 200 children from the Dignafuro Islamic and Kaggu
Basic School as well as some opinion leaders and parents from the two communities to celebrate the children.

The celebration was characterised by drama and poetry performances against drug abuse by school children from Kaggu Junior High School.

The United Nations (UN) set aside November 20 each year as World Children’s Day to promote international togetherness, and awareness among children worldwide, and improve children’s welfare, with this year’s celebration on the theme: ‘For every child, every right’.

Miss Abdul-Rahaman said CM Ghana prioritised the development, well-being and protection of the rights of every child and saw drug abuse as inimical to children’s development and the enjoyment of their rights.

She said as part of efforts to secure the future of children, CM undertook advocacy activities that would lead to meaningful development of children.

She observed that aside from drug abuse that could deny children their right to education and development, socio-cultural norms and practices such as
child marriage also denied the girl child her rights.

Miss Abdul-Rahaman said CM Ghana would also hold radio discussions with children to give them a platform to advocate their rights to mark World Children’s Day.

Mr Mulumba Ngmenlabagna Songsore, the Executive Director of Necessary Aid Alliance, told the children that drug abuse could lead them to develop health complications such as kidney failure, stroke and mental health issues.

He said that could affect their education and hamper their holistic development and realisation of their life dreams hence the need to desist from that act.

Mr Francis Soriye, the Assembly Member of the Dignafuro Electoral Area, also urged the children not to defy the teachings of their parents and elders to enable them to grow in the right way.

He advised them against the ‘get rich quick’ mentality as that could lead them to engage in social vices against wellbeing.

Mr Soriye thanked CM Ghana for holding the World Children’s Day event in that community as that had exposed t
he children to critical information necessary for their proper growth and development.

Source: Ghana News Agency