Director-General of GES applauds JIT for complementing STEM education

Dr. Eric Nkansah, Director-General of Ghana Education Service (GES), has applauded the Jackson Institute of Technology (JIT), a private institution spearheading Information Communication Technology (ICT) education in Kumasi.

He said the provision of cutting-edge ICT skills by the Institute was in line with the implementation of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education by the Education Ministry through GES.

He was speaking at the fourth graduation of JIT in Kumasi on the theme, ‘Embracing Industry 4.0: Shaping the Future of Ghana with Technology.

A total of 108 students received certificates in courses such as introduction to information technology and key window application, web development, data analytics as well as working smart with Microsoft office and the internet.

The Director-General said there was the need to upscale learners with the requisite digital literacy, critical thinking abilities and adaptability to excel in an ever-changing technology-driven world to ensure that Ghana remained competitive in the digital age.

‘By embracing industry 4.0, we empower our students to be active creators and problem solvers rather than passive consumers,’ he noted.

He said by harnessing the power of technology, Ghana could address societal challenges, enhance productivity, and improve the overall quality of the citizens.

‘It is against this backdrop that the government under the leadership of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, has over the last six years been pursuing reforms in our educational system to equip our learners with 21st century skills required to participate fully in the fourth industrial revolution,’ Dr. Nkansah indicated.

He said GES, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, was investing in up scaling the digital literacy of in-service and pre-service teachers while providing digital infrastructure including the one-teacher one-laptop policy.

He stressed the need to encourage students to think creatively to solve complex problems, while ensuring equitable access to technology and digital resources.

Mr. Daniel Jackson, Managing Director of JIT, said the Institute was designed to provide a transformative educational experience in technology.

He said the school stood at the forefront of technological education and practice and prepared students for success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

‘Technology has taken over the waves pointing to innovative ways to modernise, optimise, and transform life for everyone. JIT has joined to train to provide practical and employable technological skills training to aid in productivity, efficient and smart working skills sets for the growth of our communities,’ the Managing Director submitted.

He said JIT was poised to lead the transformation to a digital economy by empowering the populace with digital skills through training and equipping people with 21st century digital skills to ensure robot-proof careers.

The Institute, he said, had forged strategic partnerships with renowned organisations such as NIIT India Limited as an integral part of their commitment to providing high-quality education and an industry-aligned curriculum.

Source: Ghana News Agency