Douala: Hundreds left homeless after eviction by airport authorities

Hundreds of people have been left without shelter after the demolition of their homes by authorities of the Douala International Airport.

The demolitions which took place on Thursday October 5th came after authorities said the land on which their homes were built, was land belonging to the airport.

“They told us to leave, warning that many people could die in case of a plane crash. That is it for our safety.” A victim disclosed reason for the expulsion.

Why some victims complained not injustice, others affirmed it was normal.

“There is no doubt about it. This is airport land. No need to speak evil against the authorities.”

“Indeed they compensated us, but they should have reserved a site for us to settle on from here. That way we would continue life with the token they gave us”. Two evicted residents shares their views.

Before the demolition exercise on Thursday October 5, 2023, the inhabitants of New Town Aeroport had been served a quit notice, with October 4 , as deadline after compensation.

” What they gave me as compensation was not even up half of the money I built my house. Why allow people to invest here to later come to demolish their investments. They should have stopped us from the start.” A landlord said bitterly.

Another local resident angered by such a statement said “persons who were evicted years back never received a dime as compensation. At least, everyone whose house has been demolished today was compensated. Why all the complains. That’s ungratefulness.”

Residents who failed to park out before the deadline were on the site trying to recover some of their valuable items from the rubble to wonder about with, in search of shelter.

Source: Cameroon News Agency