Douala: Road maintenance leaves commuters in huge traffic

Plagued by diverse problems, denizens in Cameroon’s economic capital Douala are also wrestling with traffic, caused by cratered roads, maintenance works, rainfall on a daily basis, and others.

Almost at every strategic place in the heart of the city of Douala like Ndokotti, Bonamoussadi, Rond Point Deido, Bessengue, Akwa, Mboppi, Carrefour Ajip, to mention but a few, the traffic is unbearable, especially during rush hours.

“My brother, it is not easy. Now with the rains, it is practically impossible to go to work. You have to wait for it to cease. Even when it ceases, you are not able to get a taxi or a bike. People are piled up along the road. If you succeed to get any, you have to spend over 40 minutes in traffic before you reach your job site and that depends. It’s crazy.” A commuter told CNA.

Speaking to another city dweller, she said the situation during the evening hours is super annoying.

“I live in Ndogbong and run a shop in New Bell. I close at 5:00 pm. I must say at times I feel like sleeping in the shop though it is impossible to do so when I think of the traffic here, Mboppi, and Ndokotti even toward Ndogbong. There are days I am obliged to close my shop at 4:00 pm to cheat traffic.” The merchant said.

This a complicated situation for people who live far from their job sites, as they spend almost all of their salary on transport. A stranded commuter at Mobile Bonakouangmouang-Akwa told a CNA reporter during a conversation that he spends 1000frs to return home in Bonaberi precisely at Rail.

“I have been standing here for about an hour and not able to propose to four bikes. It is rush hour, everybody wants to get home. All bikes are loaded. Most don’t even go to my destination. At times I am forced to take two or three drops. If I see a bike, whatever the rider proposes I just pay because others will jump on the bike and pay the amount once you try arguing. Every day I spend close to 2,000frs to and from work. How much does one even earn?”.

Some of these city dwellers believe mobility is more difficult this rainy season worsened by the deplorable state of roads in the city of Douala and the ongoing ” fake or non-durable” maintenance works being carried out by the City council. Thus, they prefer the dry season over the rainy season.

So because there will be no rain to block them home in the morning to later scramble over taxis and motorbikes.

Source: Cameroon News Agency