Gendarmerie intensifies road safety campaigns for back-to-school

A National Gendarmerie road safety campaign has been launched on National Road Number 1 connecting the Adamawa region to Garoua, Maroua, and Kousseri.

This is in a bit to limit road accidents during this period of back-to-school

“It is due to repeated accidents on this La Falaise du Mbe and also the start of the academic year that hierarchy tasked us to conduct this road safety control to avoid overloading, reckless driving, over speeding and accidents”. Said Squadron Commander, Messi.

Apart from these, they are also authorized to sensitize road users to respect driving codes, be in possession of driver’s licenses, have good brakes, and ensure their vehicles and tires are in a good state.

” We have noticed that some accidents on this national road number 1 occur as a result of brake failure and worn-out tires. Even the state of the vehicle itself. We are out to check that and impound such vehicles. We can’t continue to risk the lives of civilians.” the Squadron Commander added.

Some passengers hailed this initiative wishing it would last long given that their security would be guaranteed until they arrive at their destinations.

“What these gendarmes are doing is very right. It will certainly permit the security of passengers and their safe arrival to their various destinations. I have no problem with it.” A passenger onboard a bus lauded.

Another passenger differs from gendarmes point of view that accidents are solely caused by reckless driving, poor brakes as well as bad state of vehicles and tires, evoking the deplorable state of the national road number 1.

“This road is hectic to access. You cannot travel to Mora, Maroua Kousseri, Garoua, and Ngaoundere in a flexible manner. The journey is tedious and costly. Let the government redo this road. It’s a nightmare”. The passenger said furiously.

The population as a whole has been urged to collaborate with the road safety control agents for flexible and safe transport.

Source: Cameroon News Agency