Ghana Red Cross Society cautions communities along White Volta on Bagre Dam spillage

The Ghana Red Cross Society, considering the escalating threat posed by spillage of the Bagre Dam, has initiated early action to safeguard communities at risk of flooding in anticipation of likely havoc from the spill.
The Ghana Red Cross Society, in a statement signed by Mr Jonathan Hope, the Head of Disaster Management and copied to the Ghana News Agency in Tamale on Friday, said, ‘This anticipatory approach aims to ensure timely and effective support to those in need.’
The statement said the rising water levels from the Bagre Dam had raised concerns of potential flooding and associated humanitarian challenges in downstream areas, hence the Ghana Red Cross Society, with its unwavering commitment to humanitarian assistance, was taking preemptive steps to minimise the impact on vulnerable populations.
It said the Ghana Red Cross Society was actively engaging with local communities to raise awareness about the impending threat and providing guidance on precautionary measures.
‘This includes our volunteers’ educating communities on evacuation procedures and giving key early warning messages,’ it said.
The statement said the water level at the White Volta River at Pwalugu had increased by 20 centimetres, and urged farmers and people along the river to avoid the flood waters.
It said, ‘The river has breached its banks resulting in inundated farms along its course. This situation is also disturbing the natural habitat of reptiles. Residents are advised to exercise caution along the river as the risk of snakebites is heightened during this period.’
It added that ‘The reptiles, struggling for survival, may be found moving upland, on debris, and atop trees along the river.’
It said, ‘The National Society is closely monitoring water levels, weather forecasts, and other critical data to facilitate timely decision-making. This real-time information enables the Ghana Red Cross Society to adjust response strategies as needed.’
It added that collaborative efforts with local authorities, including district and regional officials, were underway to ensure a seamless and coordinated response, saying that preparedness was key in ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals and communities during this critical period.
The Ghana Red Cross Society, therefore, urged all residents in the potentially affected areas to stay informed, remain vigilant, and follow official guidance.

Source: Ghana News Agency